How Does Fluoride Strengthen Tooth Enamel

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How Does Fluoride Strengthen Tooth Enamel. Fluoride is a mineral which helps growing teeth build stronger enamel, which is teeth’s natural protective coating. A fluoride treatment can be a rinse, gel, foam or varnish that is applied to your teeth to help strengthen tooth enamel.

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When fluoride is consumed by children it has been shown to help strengthen the development of their permanent teeth. How does fluoride strengthen your teeth? Fluoride is often called “nature’s cavity fighter” because of its remarkable ability to strengthen teeth and restore weakened enamel.

It prevents tooth decay by preserving tooth enamel and dentin.

Fluoride rebuilds and strengthens weakened tooth enamel. Most americans live in areas that provide fluoridated water. Minerals present during this process, called remineralization, need fluoride present to allow the enamel to absorb them to help keep it strong. Ultimately, they found that fluoride presence kept the bacteria from sticking to teeth;